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Does your store sell physical goods, or services? You need a dynamic storefront to not only attract your customers, but to lure them in to complete the sale. A poorly designed website will not help you in selling your products and while there are tons of mass produced templates designs available, your best bet is to have a custom eCommerce website design done. With over a decade of experience in helping our customers with creative solutions, it is our turn to help you now. Let us know your ideas and we will help create a dynamic eCommerce website that sets your business apart from the rest.

Here’s what we offer at LogoMate:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – or your money back
  • Quick turnaround time of 3 days or less
  • Project tracker helps you keep up to date on your status
  • High Quality design without the high price tag
  • Lifetime access to your files and file storage free of cost
  • Your designs upon completion are yours to keep
  • Designs are sent in multiple file formats for individual needs

The best part is you get quality work done to meet your deadline, no sacrifices. Give us a call today and see what we can do for your eCommerce business.

ECommerce Website Design

We develop eCommerce website solutions that deliver tangible, measurable results. This can be as simple as an online product catalogue, or as complex as integrating facets of your operations into a single Enterprise commerce portal. We apply a proven methodology to the design and development of transactional websites which is focused exclusively on removing barriers to sale. Developed and refined over the last seven years, the methodology combines design, technology and process to create the optimum environment for buying online. When applied with our user focussed approach the methodology enables us to deliver online sales channels that make it easy and attractive for consumers to purchase goods or services online. Following are the building blocks :

Custom eCommerce Website Design

If your goal is eCommerce web design for online marketing, you can get more than just a graphically attractive and search engine friendly website,….you get a shopping website that transforms into a successful e-Business and increases your sales by 200%. Take full advantage of our cost-conscious eCommerce website design and eCommerce web development solutions and highest-level flash animated websites.

Increase your sales, while lowering your costs. Contact us now!

Secured ECommerce Shopping Carts

Our web design business builds Shopping Carts with real time shipping integration, currency converter, payment processing and online order tracking. The Product Catalogues are powered by online content management and ECommerce Shopping carts built by specialised Web Developers. The shopping carts can accommodate unlimited products and product categories.

Online Payment Gateway Integration & Credit Card Processing:

Our e-business consultants will suggest a number of Online Payment options like Credit cards, electronic currency, money broker and other escrow services.

Website Marketing

We will do the Internet marketing of your online store and create a flood of traffic for your business.

Our eCommerce web designers and web developers are committed to work with clients to design web sites and develop eCommerce solutions to meet the expectations of every Client.

To find out how LogoMate can help you increase your online sales, Contact us today.

The key advantages of using ecommerce:

Reduced Costs:

Reduced labour, reduced paper-work, reduced errors in keying in data, etc.

Reduced Time:

Shorter lead times, faster delivery of your products.

Open for Business 24×7:

An eCommerce website basically gives you the ability to have unlimited hours, giving your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to your business.

Flexibility with Efficiency:

The ability to handle complex situations, product ranges and customer profiles without the situation becoming unmanageable.

New Markets:

The Internet has the potential to expand your business globally. However, it is necessary to develop the appropriate production capacity and distribution channels to support market demands generated by promoting your business to such a large marketplace.

Helps Create New Relationship Opportunities:

Improved communication between partners leads to enhanced long-term business relationships.

Potential to Increase your Company’s bottom line:

Opening an online extension of your business, or moving your business completely online are great ways to boost sales and increase potential profits.

Explore your ECommerce Options for a Successful Modern Business

For many businesses today, an online shop or eCommerce website is simply an extension of your existing business into the ever-increasingly popular world of online shopping.

Apart from capturing new clients and untapped sources of revenue, a professional eCommerce shopping cart allows your clients to browse your catalogue of products or services online, and purchase them at a time and in a way that is convenient to them.

LogoMate has experience with producing eCommerce websites for a number of Australian clients. LogoMate eCommerce sites can be built into current sites, or set up on new sites. They can be incorporated into current or new designs, or kept separate from your main website.

Customize the eCommerce Experience on Your Website

An eCommerce website allows your clients to immediately proceed to the checkout and process the transaction for the contents of their shopping cart through your online store & payment gateway, meaning funds from the eCommerce sale are immediately deposited into your business bank account. Then you can rapidly dispatch the order to the client as per your normal processes. The details of your online orders will be sent to you and to your new customer.

The shopping, paying and notifying processes can be customized to your exact specifications; and LogoMate will be with you to work through every step and to build an online shopping experience that is both simple and enjoyable for your customers.

Online Shop Design – The Modern Way to Make Money While You Sleep

Everybody is signing up to sell their wares and services online these days. In order to set yourself apart from the competition, you have to be unique. It can be difficult when you are selling similar products, but LogoMate has the perfect solution – an online shop design. We will create a 100% unique to you design that encompasses the theme and nature of your business. This way when customers come to your page they know who they are shopping with.

For many people, an effective Online Shop Design is the pot of gold at the end of the online rainbow. If built well, an Online Shop Design will allow you to make money while you sleep by creating an online solution to your business that can service the needs of your client and customer base, even when you are unable to.

The Modern Potential of an Online Shop Design

Even better, an Online Shop Design enables the modern business to move away from the exclusive sale of hard goods that require shipping (and an unavoidable delay in consumer satisfaction), and toward downloadable products that can both minimize costs, maximize profits and make customers happy because they are able to indulge their immediate gratification.

Online Shop Designs may sound like they are either a pie in the sky dream, or perhaps something too expensive or unattainable for the average business. The truth is, it’s never been easier and the extraordinary opportunity is open to everyone.

Planning for Your Online Shop Design

Before you build your Online Shop Design, you want to decide the ideal product you would like to sell. Perhaps you have an idea already, but it is best to fine tune your initial concept before you attempt to build something, even if you plan to have a designer do it for you.

It is always best to proceed with a clear picture ahead of time, rather than juggling both the time and expense of correcting an avoidable mistake.

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An eCommerce site from LogoMate is more affordable than you may think. We pride ourselves on delivering highly professional services, designs and solutions at a price that is affordable for all. We work with businesses of all sizes and from all industries, and our eCommerce designs have helped us to create some very successful online businesses. If you want to feel the benefit of an online business, simply contact LogoMate today for a free no obligation quote.