Label Design

No matter what type of labels you are looking for, you can find them right here at LogoMate. Let us take your ideas and create a stellar design that you will be proud to show off. Looking for address labels, product labels, or even shipping labels? Your wish is our command. We will work with you hand in hand to ensure that your label design comes out just the way you anticipated. Our design team has over a decade of experience in working directly with customers to achieve their designing goals. You’ve got the ideas; we’ve got the means to make them come alive.


If the product is presented with superior quality chances are you will get noticed.

What your Label design package includes→

  • 100% custom Label design, with original design concept
  • Unlimited design revisions until you are 100% satisfied
  • Fast direct support (via) phone/chat/email
  • Agency quality design without the agency price tag
  • No hidden costs or surprises (all costs upfront)
  • Free lifetime file storage & access to files
  • All stock photography (where required)
  • Full ownership rights of your Label design upon completion
  • All files will be print ready, suitable for any commercial printer
  • Final design sent via email in multiple file formats – as required

Types of Labels we can design→

  • Advertsing Label design
  • Movie Label Design
  • Creative Label Design
  • Motivational Label Design

How much does a Label design cost→

The exact cost depends on your requirements. To get started on your Label, please fill out our free estimate request.

Delivery time & payment terms→

  • Delivery: deliver first draft within 3-5 business days – from the time we receive your design brief and supporting information. We also have a ‘EXPRESS DESIGN’ service if you need your work within 24hrs.
  • Payment: with all new clients we request 50% payment in advance, payable by credit card, paypal or bank transfer.

Label design samples and ideas→

We understand that time is money and that is why we are dedicated to providing you with the lowest possible pricing along with the highest quality product.

We will never make you choose between quality or deadlines, get them both right here by choosing LogoMate for your designing needs.

Label Design

It can be a challenging task to create product labels. They might be small but they take a large amount of planning and consideration. This guide comes with tips and advice to make the label design process easier and more productive.

The Brand and the Product

The use for your product should have influence on the type and design of the label you choose for your product. Adhesive labels are a cheaper alternative to screen-printing and other high-quality labeling methods. Digitally printed labels deliver greater detail and colour accuracy, and there is no extra charge. Labels with gloss finishes are ideal for general purpose applications and provide an extra layer of quality. If your product meets any of the following considerations, then you may need to go with a special label material:

  • Special storage requirements (exposure to water, heat, chemicals…)
  • The packaging material (textured packaging and metals often need specialist label adhesives)
  • Valuable/sensitive products that require tamper seals
  • High end or bespoke products are best suited to high quality, distinctive labels with specialty label materials and inks

Attracting the Customer

If you want to attract customers, then you want to keep it simple. A nice clean label with attractive, eye-catching Colours and bold, simple, easy-to-read text are generally the best starting points. You want the customer to favor your product over the various other choices available… in the shortest time possible.

Colours and Graphics

The Colour of your label should be complimentary to the product packaging. Always use proofing to see with accuracy how the packaging and the label will look together. A great starting point to work with different Colours is to use Adobe Kuler. This is an online application that helps you choose perfectly-matching Colour combinations. Colour themes are widely available and can be imported into Illustrator, Photoshop and other design applications.

One of the most popular Colour systems is Pantone. Serving many of the graphical and artistic markets, this standardized system products accurate Colour matches, and tools such as the Plastics Colour System makes it easy to see how Colours look on different types and thicknesses of packaging.

Prominent, bold graphics and logos are the way to draw the customers’ attention. There are plenty of cheap stock designs available, and most can be acquired without needing extended licenses. You should always make sure that the licensing agreement allows you to use your images and illustrations if you are not using your own. There are many good online sources for photos and illustrations with no royalties attached.

Fonts, Themes and Content

You want to go with a font that works with your packaging, and always with a font that can be easily read. There are many companies that work on their own fonts. In terms of font size, the customer should be able to read the most important parts of the label easily and without having to look too closely.

Themes are highly important for branding, and when you design your labels, there should be a theme that is consistent with the theme of your products and your wider brand. If you have multiple products with different labels, they should still all be instantly recognizable as part of the same brand. For certain products, such as cosmetics and food, you must adhere to government regulations. For example, you may be required to include the size and the net weight, nutritional information, ingredients and so on. You should include any and all information that helps improve your exposure and spread awareness. If a customer wants to learn more about your company, then they should be easily able to do so.