T-Shirt Design

Extraordinary T-Shirt Design Services to Help You Get Noticed

T-shirts can be a walking advertisement whether you place them on a customer or employee. Using t-shirt design services from LogoMate, we can help you get noticed. Whether for an event, a cause, or even a business strategy, we can help you get the t-shirt design that will help you with what you want to achieve. Not only do we offer fast and efficient services, but we work closely with you, our client, to make sure that you get the t-shirt design that you imagined. We will support your creativity and help you fine tune it until you are 100% satisfied.


If the product is presented with superior quality chances are you will get noticed.

What your T-Shirt design package includes→

  • 100% custom T-Shirt design, with original design concept
  • Unlimited design revisions until you are 100% satisfied
  • Fast direct support (via) phone/chat/email
  • Agency quality design without the agency price tag
  • No hidden costs or surprises (all costs upfront)
  • Free lifetime file storage & access to files
  • All stock photography (where required)
  • Full ownership rights of your T-Shirt design upon completion
  • All files will be print ready, suitable for any commercial printer
  • Final design sent via email in multiple file formats – as required

Types of T-Shirts we can design→

  • Advertsing T-Shirt design
  • Movie T-Shirt Design
  • Creative T-Shirt Design
  • Motivational T-Shirt Design

How much does a T-Shirt design cost→

The exact cost depends on your requirements. To get started on your T-Shirt, please fill out our free estimate request.

Delivery time & payment terms→

  • Delivery: deliver first draft within 3-5 business days – from the time we receive your design brief and supporting information. We also have a ‘EXPRESS DESIGN’ service if you need your work within 24hrs.
  • Payment: with all new clients we request 50% payment in advance, payable by credit card, paypal or bank transfer.

T-Shirt design samples and ideas→

We understand that time is money and that is why we are dedicated to providing you with the lowest possible pricing along with the highest quality product.

Get both quality and design with us, LogoMate. With over a decade of experience giving clients what they want in a design, we can help you tailor your design to exactly your specifications. Let us help you with your next t-shirt design needs!

10 Professional Tips for T-Shirt Design

Creative people love to design t-shirts. Illustrators, painters, graphic designers, and pretty much anyone else who has a creative flair understands the appeal of designing new t-shirts. The thought of having it done is very cool! Here are a few tips for coming up with a great t-shirt design.

Work around your concept

You’ve done a whole lot of brainstorming, so now what do you do? Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Mull it over, go out for some lunch, have a bath, ride a bike. If that great idea comes to you immediately then that’s great, but generally you should thoroughly explore your options, think deeply about your creations and work around the concepts that you like.

Picture the picture on your t-shirt

Anyone with a modicum of experience in t-shirt knows how different things look on a t-shirt compared to a computer screen. You shouldn’t be afraid to create mock versions of your t-shirt designs, print out tests and actually place them on the t-shirts. This gives you a more accurate idea of the real life Colour and the size of the design.

Keep things simple, or detailed

Everyone likes to see a t-shirt boast excellent attention to detail and skill in drawing. When you see a really great design on a tee and just have to have one, it will often be because of the beautiful detail.

But just as impressive are the really simple classic designs that take the no-nonsense approach and get the message across clearly and in its most simple form. The point here is that it is often a bad idea to try and do both. You either want detail, or simplicity – don’t get lost in the middle.

Think about the market

It is very important to think about your market. Think about whether you are designing your product for younger or older markets. As any good marketing expert will tell you, you should have a clear idea in your head of the type of person that you want to see wearing your design. What other brands do they wear? What is their lifestyle?

Get learning about t-shirt printing

You can just dive in head first into the t-shirt printing game and expect the surface a winner. You need to have a proper understanding of the technicalities of the digital design process, as well as the choices between digital and non-digital forms of print. Do you know the different between digital printing and screen printing? Screen printing is still the most popular form.

Find a good printer

Once you have the design completed, now is the time to find a good printer, and here you need to be as considerate as with the design process. You could go with a larger, reputable company or check with your local screen printing company. Either way you need to think about the types of t-shirts that are available for print. The fabric, the size, the labeling, and the cost all have an effect on the end result.

The golden rule is to go with a company that gives retail-worthy results, and approaches the process as an art – that it surely is.

Prepare the artwork for print

Check out tutorials which detail how to prepare your design for print. You should really think about using Pantone Colours, and outlining text and expanding strokes.

Set the trend

Getting inspired by other t-shirt designers can give you the drive to come up with new designs, but you should not be copying others. The best designers keep their cards close to their chest and are already on to the next designs by the time the current ones are on display.

Make the humor subtle It is not usually a good idea to create t-shirts with jokes that are cheap or tasteless, but it can be really clever to have a subtle joke as part of your t-shirt design. Check out designers that have found the right balance between design and humor.