Web & Blog Graphics

A website can be the most important aspect of any business. Today’s average customer has high standards when it comes to how a webpage should look and function. Characteristics such as beautiful design, user-friendly interface and practicality are the ones people look for the most. That is why it is best to leave web design to the professionals like the ones here at LogoMate that can offer you the best web graphics services money can buy.

When you choose LogoMate for your services, you get:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – or your money back
  • 3 Days or less, turnaround time
  • Use of our project tracker to keep up to date on your status
  • Top Quality design without the price tag
  • Lifetime access to your files and file storage (for free!)
  • You own your designs upon completion
  • Designs are sent in multiple file formats for your website needs

Web graphics are extremely important for the success of your company. Marketing tools will get people to visit your website, but it is these graphics that will make them want to stay. Studies have shown that people decide whether they like a webpage or not within a few seconds of seeing it. This only gives you a tiny window to impress them and the best way to do this is with a good design. It is the first thing they will notice and it can really catch their attention and determine them to read on.

When you are using our web graphics services, you are getting a team of experienced web designers. We know how to create a memorable and user-friendly website that people will want to revisit. We keep your target audience in mind so that the design is specifically made to cater to their likes and interests. It would be a shame for your business to flounder due to a poorly made website so give us a call and we will see right away how we can help you!

Be the Best Blog Site Out There by Using Web & Blog Graphics

There are millions of websites and blogs indexed by Google & Technorati; but only 5% of them succeed. Blogs fall offline for a myriad of reasons, but you can bet that the one thing that most success stories have in common is a sleek, professional looking website for their blogs.

LogoMate is the Australian digital art company that delivers professional and affordable web & blog graphics to individuals and businesses who want a great looking blog site.

Creating Web & Blog Graphics

Your header is the first thing a visitor sees. Make sure it grabs their eyes and draws them toward what you need them to see. Think about which call to means the most to you.

Subscription, newsletter, info product?

You can’t sell if they can’t see. Top off your header with some custom graphics and make sure a visitor becomes your customer and a regular reader.

Forget Out of the Box/Off the Shelf Designs

So many businesses make the fatal mistake of assuming that visitors will not be able to tell if the same graphics are used on multiple sites, but that is a big misconception to assume.

Most search engine directed visitors will visit your site based on a keyword search. Your competitors will also be returned in the results list, and the chances are your visitor has already visited one or two of your competitor’s sites; especially if you are not the first return in the search engine for that specific keyword search.

Don’t be content with an out of the box theme. Set yourself apart and let your audience know in an instant that you’re more than just an echo of what’s already on the internet.

We Can Provide Web & Blog Graphics:

  • Suitable for: Headers, Sidebars, Widgets, General Web Graphics, Web Buttons and more. Basically any graphics that can go on a website or blog.
  • Custom Sizes: built and designed to suit your specific requirements
  • Optimised for the web

Do you Need Affordable Web & Blog Graphics?

In current economic times, when others step back, this is the best time to step forward.  Right now is the perfect opportunity to capitalise on improving your image and building your brand with a quality web & blog graphics at affordable pricing. LogoMate is here to meet all of your image, design and advertising needs. Call us today for a free no obligation quote.