About LogoMate

At LogoMate, we aim to be the absolute best. We strive to stand out in every area of our company, constantly reinventing ourselves as we find enhanced ways to realise our clients goals.

“We feel like the process of creative brand services should be the celebration rather than the overwhelming process it often is today.”

When LogoMate was founded the goal was to create the specialist logo design, branding, marketing and graphic design company of the future, offering exceptional creative talent without the overloaded premium cost usually incurred. This philosophy, combined with a hands-on approach to client care, has made us one of the most successful creative studios in Australia.

LogoMate specialises in delivering one-off projects or integrated campaigns that builds brands, drives sales, and achieves business growth; with measurable results.

Our Brand Promise.

Our brand is a promise that assures clients of what they can be expecting from LogoMate – to be precise, creative, imaginative, innovative, client focused and specialisation. Each day we deliver on this promise in countless ways – from the quality strategy solutions we offer to the value of the services we offer.

Here at LogoMate, we have a simple mission. To provide small & medium sized businesses with fast & effective branding design services at affordable prices.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as a sign of our confidence of our design services. With quick turnaround times, our services are cost effective whether you are a business that requires a logo, business brochure, new website, business cards or promotional materials.

Why Choose LogoMate.

LogoMate fills the opening between a freelance designer and a conventional design & marketing agency by providing a large variety of creative services from logo design, brochure design, through to web design and graphics.

First Impressions Count.

Your designs – logos, web banners, even your business cards – are the first chance you get to make an impression.

What do you want that impression to say about you?

My clients know that they can count on me to help them stand out in a crowd.

Experience Counts.

I bring over a decade of proven success in design excellence to my clients and their design projects. I take the time to really listen to what you are saying, to find out what is important to you. Then I put my creative magic to work and offer stellar results no matter what the scale of your project may be.

Quality Counts.

Market leaders share something in common across all industries – they invest in themselves. The designs and materials that are out there representing you need to say that you are serious about your company, and that you will be serious about your customers, too.

When you trust me with your design work, I am serious about quality. I don’t want a good design for you. I want a great design that fits into your total marketing and image plan, and furthers your business objectives. When people see your finished design projects, they are seeing the quality in you – and in me.

Originality Counts.

If you want a cookie cutter design that blends in, I’m probably not the designer for you. My designs are always original, based on the personality of your business and the goals for your project.

I won’t just help you stand out in the crowd. I will help you own it.

Satisfaction Counts.

A satisfied client is a repeat client – and one who will be happy to give my name to people they know. I am proud of the long-term relationships I build with people. Beyond that pride, building one-on-one relationships gives me the opportunity to help clients maintain continuity of marketing messages and builds their brand identity into everything they put their names on now, and in the future.

Pricing Counts.

I will take the time to talk with you about the scope of your project and what your budget is, and offer you options. When I give you a quote, you can be sure it is completely up front – no hidden charges popping out in the middle of the project that you weren’t expecting.

Timing Counts.

Don’t wait. Call me today, and we can get started on something that will be amazing.

You can count on it.

Frequently asked questions.

I’d like to help you get to know me, and the difference I bring to every design project I accept. Feel free to browse my FAQ – and drop me an email or give me a call with any questions. Thanks for stopping by!

Why should I hire you?

I put over a decade of design excellence behind every one of my projects.  I take the time to listen, to get to know you and your business personality, and really think about what designs are going to suit your business best.

When you trust me with your design work, I’m serious about quality.  I don’t want a good design for you.  I want a great design that fits into your total marketing and image plan, and furthers your business objectives.

Do I really need a professional designer?

First impressions count.  And your designs – logos, brochures, web design and even your business cards – are frequently the first chance you get to make an impression.

What do you want that impression to say about you?  That you take your business seriously enough to invest in it?  Or that you wanted to cut time and costs by choosing something less professional – because your customers won’t see your choice just as a reflection of you… they’ll see it as a reflection of what they can expect from you in the way you will treat them.

So what do you think?  Do you need a professional designer?

What kind of design work do you do?

I am a full service designer.  I can create one logo, or an entire branding identity campaign.  I offer expertise on the best design ideas for anything you want to put your name on, in any media you want to use.

No matter what the budget or scope of your project, you can count on me to find the best design solutions to get you noticed.

Can you copy designs?

I could.  But when you make an investment in your business image, do you want to be part of the crowd – or do you want to own it?

If we want to find inspiration in certain colours, shapes, ideas, we can discuss it.  But let’s make whatever we design for you be the thing other people are asking to copy!

What is your process… how do you design things?

The first thing I do is listen. I want you to tell me your vision, even if you don’t think you quite know what it is. I ask questions, and clarify your objectives for the design we are talking about, and how it fits into your overall plans.

Then I create.  You will be my partner in the process, and we end up with a unique design that is amazing and completely original.  Just like you. See my design process…

How long does it take?

It will depend on your specific project needs and my availability, and I can give you a much more specific timeframe if you give me a call.  I don’t rush my creative process just to jam more work in, and I always give my current clients and their design projects my total attention.

But the sooner we start talking, the sooner we launch an amazing design for you!

Do you match prices with some of the online logo shops?

No.  I don’t discount my quality to match theirs, either.

How do I pay you?

Preferably with money – I’ve found that magic beans don’t buy much!

After our initial consultation determines the scope and specifics of the project, and I’m ready to begin work, I require a 50% down payment by approved method.  Once the project is final, the balance of payment is due before delivery of the final designs.

What if I don’t live close to you?

I actually already have a global network of clients.  The beauty of technology is that it puts us in the same room even if we are on opposite sides of the country – or opposite sides of the globe. I can show you design work in virtual meetings and conduct the entire process from anywhere in the world.  And if you ever visit my area of Australia, be sure to let me know so we can say “hello” the old fashioned way in person!

Do you do all the work?

Yes, 100% Originals.  I will never outsource the creative process, and I don’t have a hidden bevy of faceless worker bees in a design sweatshop, churning out predictable designs.  I am the one who consults with you, designs for you, and has a vested interest in your success.  I put my name and reputation behind every design I create.

What if I need other services like printing?

I have a lot of professional contacts in many countries, and can help direct you to some reliable sources. Please visit Business Printing.

What does your work look like?

Here is a link to my online portfolio.

But my work looks like you – one of my key abilities is to help you determine who you are and who you want to be, and represent that in the perfect designs just for you.

What do you need from me to get started?

I need you to talk to me and complete my initial design brief.  You may be totally sure of what you want and need, and what your budget is for the project.  Or, you might be starting a business and need some guidance on building your brand identity the right way from the very beginning.

It all starts with communication between us – and it ends in a dynamic design for you!

What do I get?

That’s one of the benefits of working with me – I customise everything for you!  We will make a comprehensive plan based on what you need, not what I offer.  I can meet whatever objectives you need, including camera-ready artwork, digital copies of logos, and mock-ups of print materials and web designs.

If I don’t choose you, any tips on finding another designer?

Ask the designer for examples of his/her work.  Find out if they specialise in one area or type of design, and if so, will it meet your needs.  Ask if he/she will consult with you first to determine your overall image and branding and fit any new designs into that plan – or be able to create one for you if you are starting out or changing your image.

Most of all, feel comfortable that the designer you select will listen to you and work well with you.  If you don’t click with the person right away, it might mean difficulty getting the designer to see your vision and meet your objectives.

About The Founder and Creative Director

Adam Malseed is founder and creative director of LogoMate. He works with and understands the needs of small and large businesses and their marketing and branding needs. Adam builds strong brands that are highly visible, and that achieve the results that are desired by the businesses that they belong to.

Adam has customised marketing and brand identity packages that can set up small businesses with a solid foundation to work from. He helps his clients discover their brand differentiators and then designs the marketing materials they need to succeed – including logos, business cards, websites and promotional items.

Adam understands the strategies to keep brands consistent and memorable, and has worked with hundreds of small businesses to build successful brands that they are seriously proud of.

Plus, reasons you will want to work with me.

  • From the first phone call to final brush stroke, the only person you will be in contact with is the lead creative designer for your project – ME. This means your details are delivered directly to the brain in charge with no weigh station along the way.
  • I employ no account managers or junior designers. There will be no outside interpretations of your design brief outside of my own. You hire me and no one else, which makes me alone responsible for 100% of your design work.
  • Every phone call goes directly to me, not a sales person or account manager. When you have questions or concerns, I’m there to answer.
  • Because of my total independence and lack of overhead, I am able to offer premium work at considerable savings.
  • I am always on top of tasks, and your work is my priority. If you should require any revisions in your design, tweaks can be made almost immediately upon request.
  • Since it’s just me, it’s okay for conversations to run off topic. Billing inquiries and questions regarding your order may take place during the same discussion.
  • My work is top notch and my service even better. Right now is the perfect time to pull your company ahead. I look forward to working with you.

What Design Means To Me.

I don’t design for dollars. I run a business for profit, but that isn’t the same thing. Income is incidental; an effect, rather than the cause. I design from my heart. As a result, people are willing to pay. It’s a healthy exchange, and a wonderful way to carve out a living.

I design because I love it. It is only when I pause that odd things start tohappen, and the world outside adopts a different hue.

I am a designer because when I stroll the streets of my city, I cannot help but admire the storefronts and sandwich boards, newspaper stands and crumpled pieces of paper, bobbing down the boulevard. Everywhere I hang my gaze, I find typography to study, each bit leaving me to wonder whether I would have made different decisions.

I am a designer because I feel the pride of the trade, thickening my blood. When I come upon a sticker, slapped to the back of a bumper with type so small it can’t possibly be read without collision, I wonder about the designer’s method, and question his concern for the eyes of his audience.

While in a darkened theater, it is the opening credits I most anticipate; pacing, typography, layering, composition, and mood; music and image mingling together…every sequence like a semester of school.

While I hate watching the news on TV, I love the first few minutes. There is always a tremendous amount of information pressed inside a tight vice of time and space. There are head shots and logos, stock quotes and headlines, cityscapes and graphics. A million pixels swirling in different directions, yet all of them working together. It is beyond fascinating, and I cannot turn my gaze.

I first became involved with graphic design because I didn’t like what I encountered online. Too many people were trying to build a booming business, yet I could see the reason for their failure by simply glancing at their site. Would you give your money to someone who believes blue looks best with orange vertical stripes? Sites like these left me certain I could do better, chased by a hunger to do so.

Of course there are great sites. The one-in-a-million URL that has 96 awards assembled in the footer; sites that are so good I cannot help but feel a wince of envy. I see those sites and wonder why I’m a graphic designer at all. These are the moments when I start to lose myself, and doubt my own abilities. I start reading and rereading ream after ream on graphic design, and familiarising myself with the latest tutorials. It is important to keep my talent sharp, I know, if am to stand any chance at all.

I am a designer because I am not slick enough for politics. I am, however, unwilling to let things slide as I see them. Design is how an artist changes the world, even if only a single page at a time.

I am a designer because it means I am able to meet my constant observation with never ending wonder.