Creating a truly memorable business brand identity design in Australia.

Branding is identity, which leads to recognition, and eventually trust. Understanding the importance of symbolism and clarity to a consumer, will help you to truly appreciate the importance of brand identity design to your business.

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If you want to work with the brand identity specialist, LogoMate has extensive experience with helping businesses of all sizes to create effective visual communication across a range of modern and traditional mediums.

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We are the branding specialist that businesses from all industires have turned to, whether it’s strengthening relationships with clients to helping businesses increase profits.

You probably think that to work with the brand identity designers you’ll need a big budget; however, this couldn’t be any further from the truth!

LogoMate is the brand identity design business that prides ourselves on providing highly professional services that are affordable.

Suitable for all businesses; including small business, self employed, enterprises and start-up businesses.

Our low costs do not compromise any of our services and designs.

We offer the absolute best in customer service, brand designs and marketing strategies for minimal cost.

Identity is a right – not an overpriced privilege

At LogoMate, we truly believe that business and brand identity design is a right, not a privilege that can be capitalized on.

With this in mind, we work hard to help meet all of our clients’ needs in any way possible.

As the brand identity design businesses could use, we offer a variety of services for developing your brand and business identity.

These services include (but are not limited to):

  • Brand design, development and implementation throughout internal and external interaction.
  • Development of strong, stable brand deployment strategies and brand consultancy.
  • Logo design, amendments and consultancy.
  • Web design and development and ecommerce stores.
  • Design, production and distribution of marketing materials – including traditional (printed) and modern (digital) methods.

Brand identity and corporate visual communication for all of our clients, and we encourage anyone who is interested to contact us for a quotation.

See our portfolio for past examples of our success

The world of advertising is full of amateurs who make big claims but who are in fact owners of empty portfolios.

LogoMate are the brand identity design businesses could work with, and our portfolio is absolute proof of our professional services and our high standards.

We know that the success of our brand designs greatly impacts the success of our clients.

So we make every effort to ensure that clients achieve their aims with their brand identity and advertising campaigns.

We will help you outshine competitors, increase profits, attract new investments and reach larger audiences.

That’s exactly what we’ve helped our previous clients achieve.

It’s time to eliminate those misconceptions about expensive budgets and big corporations.

Contact LogoMate to see how even the smallest of brands and businesses can work with the brand identity design has to offer.

Modern day example of brand power – Coca-Cola vs Pepsi.

Cola is a pretty common commodity, one that is appreciated around the globe. The two giants of the cola industry are Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

pepsi vs coke-a-cola branding

Coca-Cola is a far bigger brand than Pepsi. Sure, Pepsi has enjoyed exceptional success in an industry that is full of competitors (after all, there are quite a few brands that produce cola).

But, Coca-Cola has enjoyed far more recognition and popularity compared to Pepsi. Why?

Well, the reason for this is unbelievably simple!

Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi have altered their branding over the last century.

Obviously, for companies that have been running for such a considerable amount of time, it is important to update the corporate image and branding.

To keep their company fresh and competitive in a modern market, they have developed a strong brand strategy.

However, Coca-Cola’s brand redesigns have been far more subtle, and far more sympathetic to their previous designs, than the changes to the branding and corporate logo made by Pepsi.

Despite their design changes, branding consistency has allowed Coca-Cola to have more time building a brand image that has developed considerable trust with it’s clients and consumers.

Pepsi, however, have only been able to reach a measurable degree of popularity before radically changing their branding.

Rendering the brand less recognisable, which in turn reduced the amount of trust consumers had in their company and products.

Imagine if McDonald’s had a makeover…

Let’s pretend that McDonald’s underwent a radical makeover.

For some unknown reason, they suddenly stopped using the golden arches logo.

They ditched their corporate colours, they dressed their staff in new uniforms and reinvented their interior design.

They kept the food exactly as it was before. Their products remained unaltered, but their image had drastically changed.

Would you walk into that McDonald’s?

Or would you drive by, assuming that the new look must mean a different business, and look for a restaurant that you could recognise?

The truth is, not everyone enjoys the products that McDonald’s offers, however, EVERYONE knows who McDonald’s are because their branding is so clear, so simple and so consistent.

Branding your business – asking yourself the bigger questions.

Each brand is unique to a business, and in order to create an effective and long lasting brand you need to ask yourself some questions about your business.

For example, what is:

  • Mission of your business?
  • Philosophy of your company?
  • The benefits and unique factors of your products and services?
  • Do you want associates, prospects and clients to think of your business?
  • Qualities do you want your business to be associated with?

By knowing your customer’s needs, you can begin to use your branding to shape their expectations. See Wikipedia for more on corporate identities.

Branding your business – creating a complete brand framework.

A brand is much more than an image. It is the definition of your business.

Branding your business by yourself can be extremely tricky, as there are a lot of aspects you need to consider.

However, here are some core concepts that will help you to create a long lasting brand for your business.

  • Get a Great Logo – A logo is the foundation to your identity and image. A good logo will act as an inspiration for other branding ideas.
  • Spread the Brand Message – Think about what it is you want the branding to say about your business, and spread this message on to your staff and colleagues.
  • Integrate the Branding – Branding will only work if it is consistent throughout every level of communication and interaction; from digital email signatures to the design of your corporate uniform and everything in between, your branding must be clearly seen.
  • Give Your Business a Voice – It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. The ‘voice’ of you company is incredibly important. Are you a friendly company, or a ritzy company looking to impress? Whatever your business personality, be sure to give your company a voice that reflects your true nature.
  • Say it in a Sentence – Create a one sentence statement that defines your brand. This will help to keep your image clear and make your branding more memorable and meaningful.
  • Forget Fancy and Keep to Consistency – Take it from Coca-Cola and Pepsi, it pays to stay consistent, even during changes, rather than choosing radical new design. Forget fancy, and keep to consistency.
  • Brand Promises – If your brand promises something to your customers, make sure you deliver it! A broken brand promise can quickly compromise the effectiveness of your brand.

What can you expect from a leading brand identity design specialist?

Firstly, you can expect a service that’s second to none from LogoMate.

We’ll work incredibly hard to ensure that as much information about your business is incorporated into your brand identity.

We achieve this individual look by working closely with every client to find out what makes them unique and special.

We use this important information to hand craft a design that grabs the attention of the target audience.

Whilst also helping the business to assert its authority and expertise of the industry.

LogoMate will meticulously design every detail of your logo, website and marketing material to ensure that your brand identity is full, in depth and completely consistent.

As we are the branding specialist businesses trust to deliver cost effective, appealing and professional designs.

We strive to not just meet your expectations, but to exceed them. We aim to do so much more than simply impress your audience.

As an expert branding specialist businesses, LogoMate has incredible experience at delivering to take your business to the next step.

Branding portfolio.

If you are a new or current business owner, then you know the importance of branding.

At LogoMate, we know it too, which is why we have our entire branding portfolio on display for you online.

krave nightclub logo design
fittco logo design
tieken electrical services logo design
proshots brisbane logo design
hv impressions logo design
elle and tee logo design
oneshot coffee logo design

We are not afraid to show off the quality work we have done through our various clients, and show our reviews of past customers.

We will work with you based off your own idea or a concept present in the branding portfolio that can meet both your needs and your budget.

With so many design companies on the market, LogoMate takes pride and value in providing our clients with the utmost in service and care.

Let us know what industry you’re in and we would be pleased to talk with you and provide you with a full FREE branding estimate.

View work from a brand identity design specialist.

The trouble is, many advertising agencies use their own strategies to generate hype about their own services.

At LogoMate, we believe the best way to see whether we are right for your needs is to view our online portfolio.

A visit to our portfolio will show you a number of the clients we have worked with in recent months.

This allows you to see firsthand exactly how successful our services and strategies are.

There is no better way of judging the efficiency and capabilities of a branding specialist than through the portfolio.