Logo Design Questionnaire

Please take some time to fill in the questionnaire below – fill in as much or as little information as required. There is room for extra notes at the end of the document.

Please Complete My Logo Design Questionnaire Below:

  • 1. General Information

  • Max. file size: 256 MB.
  • 2. Background

  • 3. Market Position

  • (Please add URLs if available)
  • 4. Target Audience

  • 5. Brand

  • 6. Objectives

  • 7. Mark

  • (e.g. similar imagery to a competitor)
  • 8. Usage

  • (e.g. signage, clothing, stationery etc.)
  • 9. Style

  • (dark, corporate, bright, modern etc)
  • (e.g. clean, modern, sans, sans-serif, script, organic, hand drawn etc)
  • (If it helps, describe your logo’s intended persona. i.e. a description of your logo as if it were a person)
  • 10. References

  • Please list names of organisations who have logos that you like or dislike and why. Where possible, please include a URL example.
  • 11. Extra Information