Creating the right name is crucial to the success of your business.

The precise name imparts its own influence. The right name positions you in the marketplace with precision and clarity. It is crucial to your ability to achieve market penetration, recognition by your target audience and new & ongoing sales.

How Hard Can it Be to Pick a New Name?

So how difficult is it to find the right corporate name?

VERY difficult, like all critical activities name development requires solid research, evaluation, market smarts, savvy thinking and strategic direction for full impact.

However, LogoMate is here to help. We have incredible experience with helping individuals and start up companies to generate new business names, slogans and logos.

We also have experience with helping bigger corporations to choose brand names for their new products and ranges.

At LogoMate we create names that:

  • Are impacting, dynamic and potent
  • Clearly communicate your core business
  • Have meaning, rapid acceptance & retention
  • Accurately reflect your product/service/business

Your name development is a crucial aspect to your branding process.

LogoMate name development services.

We can help you come up with a company name for a start up or assist with a new name for an existing company as part of our name development service.

We are keen to see every single one of our clients succeed, and we appreciate the importance of perceptions. We will build a relationship with you, and combine what we have learnt with effective designs. We work hard to ensure that you have the right marketing materials and strategies in place to build relationships with new and current customers.

If you need a hand with the development of your business, brand or product name, contact LogoMate today, and we will happily help you work through the variety of ideas to develop a name that fits your business perfectly.