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Squared Office Interiors

Squared office interiors logo design

Platinum Travel Corporation

Platinum travel corporation logo design

Southern TAS Podiatry Clinic

Southern TAS Podiatry Clinic logo design

Evie and the Rocket

evie and the rocket logo design

Ginger Sport

Ginger sport logo design

Massa Contruction

Massa construction logo design

AMS Group

AMS group logo design

Rouse Lawyers

Rouse Lawyers logo design


fittco logo design

Elite Home Improvements

Elite home improvements logo design

HV Impressions

hv impressions logo design

Cobble Lane Confectionery Co.

cobble lane logo design

Aspire Landscapes & Paving

Aspire landscapes paving logo design

Coast History & Heritage

coast history logo design

Aquaflo Irrigation

aquaflo irrigation logo design

Tardis Living

tardis living logo design

Time Assassin Apps

Time assassin apps logo design

Sleep Studio

sleep studio logo design

Nautical Life

nautical life logo design

Inside The Fence

inside the fence logo design

The Sewing Box

the sewing box logo design

Dubinchak Drilling

dubinchak drilling logo design

Tommy Gee Photography

tommy gee logo design

Krave Nightclubs

krave nightclub logo design

Grinder Media

grinder media logo design

Excel Accounts

excel accounts logo design

Trademark Finance

trademark finance logo design

Tieken Electrical Services

tieken electrical services logo design

All Metal Solutions Australia

all metal solutions australia logo design

Ushers Excavations

ushers excavations logo design

Grill ‘N’ Bao

grillnbao logo design

Empowered Player Performance

empowered player logo design

Red Electronics

red electronics logo design


zerocapex logo design

Under Grandmas House

under grandmas house logo design

AQCS Consulting

aqcs consulting logo design

Lexi Publishing

lexi publishing logo design

The Banjo Girl

the banjo girl logo design

Benchmark Asset Maintenance

benchmark asset logo design

Boogaloo Entertainment

boogaloo entertainment logo design

Brisbane Steel Sales

brisbane steel sales logo design

Busby Consulting

busby consulting logo design

Cutcoal Technology

cutcoal tech logo design

Oneshot Coffee

oneshot coffee logo design

Fit Daily Australia

fit daily Australia logo design

Dacelo Projects

dacelo projects logo design

Elle And Tee Hair Studio

elle and tee logo design

Proshots Brisbane

proshots brisbane logo design

Infinite Aura

infinite aura logo design

Interwise IT

interwise it logo design

Nora’s Plantation Foods

Nora's Plantation Foods logo design

John Mc’Nelley Fine Art

john mcnelley logo design

Larkin Plastering

larkin plastering logo design

Lux Ineo

lux ineo logo design

MDD – Diesel Maintenance & Earthmoving Repairs

mdd logo design


mobilrt logo design

Muscle Empire

muscle empire logo design

Propel Tools

propel tools logo design

Industry Training Solutions

industry training logo design

Ride For Sick Kids

ride for sick kids logo design

Schubert Law

schubert law logo design

SFA – Shorties Fitted Apparel

Shorties fitted apparel logo design

Specialist Healthcare Management

specialist healthcare logo design

SUP Mojo Paddleboards

sup mojo logo design

Indigenous Design Corporation (INDC)

Indigenous Design Corporation logo design

AIM Clothing

aim clothing logo design

Nautical Mile – Hooded Beach Towels

Nautical mile logo design

Heavy Reel Clothing

heavy reel clothing logo design

Customer Testimonials

Love my new logo! I think the HV in the turquoise against the black looks great. The word Impression also looks great in black. I think it is quite sophisticated in a funky sort of way. I think it also looks very professional. I think you’ve done a fabulous job with the logo, it is very clever and you did it in great time.
Helena Vrkic – HV Impression

Thank you so much for the logos. We are completely satisfied with your designs. The logo is amazing and we look forward to using them. Your service was great and I will recommend you to people I know. I know Taylor will get lots of comments about her logo especially in Tamworth Music Festival in January.
Thanks a million. Brenda Pfeiffer

I absolutely love the logo with the large sparkles, it looks fantastic. I’m very happy to move forward with that as my business logo. Well done, you captured everything that I was looking for in a logo, it looks fantastic.
Steve Hartnett | Belconnen Cleaning

We both love the logo you designed for us! It is absolutely perfect for what we were looking for. Once again, the design is awesome and we are both amazed every time we open it to show family and friends. Great Job!!!
Corrinna and Amy | Cobble Lane Confectionery Co.

Let me start by saying I’m so thrilled and pleased with the work you’ve presented thus far and I’m very happy to have you help to crystalize my vision. I appreciate you taking a leap and getting your creative juices flowing to try and find the right feel for the project.
Thanks so much & smashing work thus far!
Carolyn Blake | Da Food Chain

All I have to say is…. Wow … Absolutely amazing that is exactly what I was picturing. Thanks for doing an awesome job on the logo.
Dan Lee – Bizzard Minds

Cheers Adam. Really impressed with your work, me and my business partner are thrilled with the way everything has turned out! Will be sure to contact you again for future projects. Till next time!
Dan Pearce | Tardis Living

Thanks for the advice. I’m actually really happy with the logo, I think it’s perfect for glimmer glamour and I can’t wait until I get to show it off. I like the logo a lot!
Suraini | Glimmer Glamour

Nice work! I really think you’ve picked up on our vibe with the design. The gold diamond is awesome! I like it and with a bit of bling to it, as it’s a huge feature in the design. The fonts are so ‘regal’ & ‘royal’ with a twist of gangster, it hit the mark…? What more can I ask for.
Dale G. Ireland  | High Roller Clothing Co.

Absolutely love it! Thank you so much. You have made the flyer exactly as we would have expected. I am sure it will generate leads.
Vanessa Zeeman | Operations Manager

What more can I say, the logo just works. It has an open feel to it. With the vibrant purple and green colouring, I couldn’t be happier with your work. You did capture what was in my mind.
Juanita Serrano

You’ve come up with some great concepts in such a short amount of time and really appreciate all your hard work. It’s perfect for us and we really think it suits not only each of our individual personalities but the business as well.
Ann | Lux Ineo

Thanks very much for the designs – I liked that you gave me a good range to think about. It is simple, professional but did not look staid and had some light about it. I also like that it does not to me automatically scream standard private practice law firm, as I am interested in doing other sorts of law-related work such as provision of legal education services and possibly mediation in the future