Stand out with a stunning website design that delivers real results for your business.

I provide fast and responsive web design for small to medium-sized businesses all across Australia. Plus, I’ll deliver a website that best suits your business needs.

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Small Business Website Design Professionals

Stand out online with a professional business website design.

  • Responsive design – Websites are mobile friendly. All our sites have a responsive design and work on any device, anywhere. We make sure your website is mobile compatible, so that every time a visitor tries to visit you on any mobile device, the experience is smooth and hassle free.
  • Search engine optimised – We will ensure your site is optimised for Google & Bing. All websites are submitted to major search engines so your customers can find you right away.
  • Unlimited CMS to make changes anytime – Unlimited content management system (CMS), so you can easily make changes 24/7. You can edit and update your site whenever you like. No having to go through the webmaster. Just login, update, logout.
  • eCommerce Shopping – Need an online shop? We’ll help create a dynamic eCommerce store that sets your business apart.
My Website Design Services and Options

Does your business need a new website design?

Chances are excellent, it probably does. The Internet has moved at blazing speed over the last few years. The website design of your business may have looked outstanding just a few years back, but by now the shine has started to tarnish.

The online presence of your business, no matter how big or small it is, is a very important consideration. Cheaply designed websites will likely drive prospective clients away.

At LogoMate, we can take your website design ideas and turn them into a reality.

Let our website design services propel your business and put your best face forward.

Website Design Inclusions – as standard

We build professional websites using the latest technology that are blazing fast, easy to update and work on any device, anywhere. We strive to always keep you in front of the competitors.

  • Unlimited content management system, so you can easily make changes 24/7
  • Responsive design (mobile friendly) – Work on any device, anywhere
  • Blazing fast web hosting – to make your site run better and load faster for customers
  • 100% Australian support and service: fast technical support by phone and email
  • Upfront and transparent pricing, with no hidden costs or fees
  • Super fast and easy to update
  • We will upload your web content for you
  • Search Engine Optimisation: To ensure your site is optimized for Google, Yahoo! & Bing
  • Includes an standard SSL certificate
  • Comprehensive web statistics package

If you are in the process of creating a new website design for your business, consider the following elements.

Each one will add to making your online business the best it can be.


This doesn’t mean you have a button in the right hand corner that tells visitors what you had for lunch, but you can help your leads and prospects gather a general idea of your personality and those unique things that make you YOU by the way your website design is articulated, from the colors to the graphics.

There is no other you, don’t have just another website.


Nothing builds community, invites return visits, fosters relationships like having an active, interactive community.

There are two primary benefits to going with a website design that encourages interaction.

First, this type of design encourages more return visits which increases traffic, thereby justifying an increase in what you can charge for advertising on your site.

Even better, audience participation can help your site develop user generated content, which can enhance the value of your domain simply through the website design.


The last thing you want is a slow loading site. Think about how much you are putting on the page, and the purpose for each element.

Large image files or videos will occupy a lot of space in the website design’s memory.

Make sure that every element on the page has a purpose.

If there is anything that exists solely to enhance the visual aspect of the website design, it is probably not necessary and should be reconsidered for inclusion.

Clear offer:

This is one place where many sites drop the ball.

It is always okay to ask for the offer, but you must do so in a way that is visually clear and consistent with the design as a whole.

You don’t want anything in the website design that is especially jarring or out of place.

The offer on your page should have clear contact and/or ordering information.

Whatever direction you take your website design, it will be highly reflective of where you are taking your business as a whole.

It is essential that you provide your website design with the same consideration you would give to any aspect of your business plan.

Affordable and Professional Small Business Website Design Services

When developing a website, it is essential that you consider the two most important factors to the user; functionality and the design itself.

A site that is easy on the eye and enjoyable to interact with will be far more successful than a site that is amateur and clunky.

10am is the web design agency that can help you to quickly develop a beautiful and professional search engine optimised (SEO) website, offering users incredible interactivity and insights into your business, services and products.

The Benefits of an Online Presence

Even if you don’t intend to trade online, there are still benefits to having an online presence:

  • Increase Exposure – The internet is a globally accessed resource; and your business can be made accessible to anyone, anywhere and at all times.
  • Reduce Marketing Costs – Building, deploying and maintaining a website is substantially more cost effective than other media campaigns.
  • Track Results – The internet has an array of tool that enable you to track the results of marketing campaigns, helping you to develop more successful campaigns in the future.
  • Improves Reputation – A number of consumers will refuse to do business with any company that does not have a website; a clear testament to the power of an online presence.
  • Attract More Opportunities – The internet is a world in it’s own right; many businesses have exploded overnight with the phenomenal power of the internet.

The One Stop Solution for an Online Presence

It’s clear to see the importance of the internet for your business, and at LogoMate, we appreciate that setting up an online presence alone can be a daunting task.

LogoMate is the one stop solution for creating an online presence.

We will help you through every step of setting up a website; from the design, to the hosting and domain name, right through deployment.

Our services include a content management system (CMS) that enables you to update your website on a regular basis.

Isn’t it Time You Had a Really Good Web Design for Your Website?

LogoMate is one of Brisbane’s leading web design services.

Our experience and expertise makes us the ideal choice for the design or redesign of your business website.

We offer a high quality design service and access to our business development team.

Designing fantastic websites is not just a job to us – it’s what we love doing, and if we have to go that extra mile to make sure your website is as good as it can possibly be, we will.

Leading Web Designers

It seems that almost everyone, from your next door neighbour to your mother-in-law’s cat, can design websites these days, but not everybody has what it takes to design a stylish, high quality business website.

We specialize in providing Internet solutions to businesses in Brisbane and throughout Australia. We have the experience, knowledge and marketing savvy necessary to create professional web designs that will not only promote your products and services, and increase your sales, but also change the way you do business.

Life Imitating Art – The Power of a Site for a Business

How will your website change your business? Simple. We design our sites around you, the client, taking into account the specific needs of your business. We target your customers in particular and provide you with whatever tools you need to advertise to, communicate with, and sell to them.

We can provide multimedia platforms to reach out to your customers in new ways, content development services to ensure that your site remains up-to-date and relevant, and search engine optimization to give your site increased visibility. We can also turn your site into an online store, giving your business an additional income stream.

Easy to Understand Process

LogoMate prides itself on its high standard of customer care. We consult with you during every stage of the web design process, explaining to you in clear terms exactly what our web design specialists are doing for you and ensuring the finished product meets your needs and expectations.

It’s all about making your business more successful.

Fast loading, customer friendly navigation and inviting sales copy are just some of the features that will keep customers coming back to your website – but first you need to get them there.

Our in-depth knowledge of page rank, link building, and web page optimization will do just that. We aren’t just web design specialists, we are marketing experts too.

Our work designing websites for businesses across Australia and in the international marketplace has already earned us high-praises from a long list of clients – but it’s your testimonial that means the most. We’re standing by to learn how we can help your business and to give you a quote on any and all of our services.

For more information on any of LogoMate’s web design services, simply contact us today, and our friendly and professional team will be happy to discuss your needs.